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Class 50, 50002 Superb

50002 or D402 was built by English Electric in 1967.


It entered service in January 1968 and worked on British Rail until withdrawal in September 1991.

After preservation, it was based on the Dartmouth Steam Railway from 1992 - 1998. Whilst plans for mainline running were unsuccessful, 50002 has been located on the South Devon Railway since 2004. 

The locomotive is now undergoing a major overhaul. The external bodywork was completed. The current focus is on finishing the power unit and generator using specialist contractors. The next stage is to complete the engine room and undertake a bogie lift.


Class 37, 37037

37037 was built by English Electric in 1962.


It entered service in May 1962 and worked on British Rail until August 1999. It was then transferred to France to support TGV engineering works. Upon returning to the UK in August 2000, it was withdrawn and used for component recovery. After repair, it was purchased by the Society in late 2003.

Since 2004, 37037 has been based on the South Devon Railway. It was in use from 2004 until 2013. During this time, it carried the numbers 37037, 37321 and D6737 as well as the name 'Loch Treig'.

Overhaul work started on the locomotive focusing on rewiring and electrical components. However, with labour being devoted to other projects along with the Covid pandemic, this has taken longer than originally planned. However, some project work has recommenced which positively contributes towards an eventual return to service.

Class 04, D2246

D2246 was built by Drewry in 1956.

It entered service in December 1956 and worked on British Rail until July 1968. 

After withdrawal, D2246 was sold to the National Coal Board and worked at several coal yards and distribution centres. This lasted from 1968 until 1994. It was then stored in Sheffield until purchase by the Society in 2001.

The locomotive has re-entered in 2023 following overhaul and repair. D2246 is based on the South Devon Railway.

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