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GWR Tool Van No 146

GWR Tool Van No 146

The Society purchased former Great Western Railway Tool Van No 146 from the Dart Valley Railway in September 2001 and when purchased, the vehicle's condition was anything but great and some "TLC" was long overdue. Restoration progress was swift and included extensive repairs and restoration such as renewing the vehicles wooden sides and re-roofing.

The Tool Van moved to the South Devon Railway on Friday 22 March 2002, the move been made on John Antell's low loader from Somerset.  The vehicle compliments the many fine items of GWR rolling stock found on the South Devon Railway. The Tool Van has been out shopped in full GWR livery of brown sides, red ends, white roof and black under frame with appropriate lettering.

Although the vehicles main use is to act as a store and workshop for the Society, the odd trip along the line as part of demonstration freight trains cannot be ruled out.


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